34th Sketchcrawl at the "104" in Paris

Un lieu original, convivial, riche de musique, mouvement et architecture;
Seul problème: j'ai un peu de mal avec les perspectives et les personnages, sans parler de ceux qui bougent .... Alors, on fait quoi ?
Et bien, on se jette à l'eau, on poste , même si ce n'est pas terrible, et surtout, on passe un moment très chaleureux , on retrouve les "anciens"(nes) et on rencontre en plus des nouveaux et on met des visages sur des noms (ou pseudos) fréquentés dans Flickr !
Un grand merci à Kim !

A very original and friendy location, full of music, movement and architecture!
The only problem for me: I find it hard to sketch perspective and people correctly (what's more: they wey were moving !)
So, what could I do ? Well, jump in and post the sketches even if they are far from perfect !
I had a wonderful time, it was great to see the sketchers from the previous sketchcrawls and meet new ones,and to associate a "fac" with a name or pseudo often seen on Flickr !
Thank you so much, Kim !!



Commentaires (5)

1. Stew Crowther 24/01/2012

What lovely sketches.
I would love to be able to do something like this.

2. Barbara Babin 25/01/2012

I think both your perspective and people are grand!

3. alissa 25/01/2012

Wonderful sketches from the day - Architecture and moving people are both challenging. Thanks for sharing

4. Cathy Holtom 26/01/2012

Your people sketches are really good!

5. Alex Tan 26/01/2012

Your sketchcrawl always looks so much fun, and your sketches usually are stunning to look at =) And they never fail to impress.
Love seeing things through your eyes as always, and appreciate your comments Martine.

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