Sketchbook Project 2012 - Partie 3 - Suisse / Part 3 - Switzerland


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1. Maria 03/01/2012

Fabulous travel sketchbook of our beautiful country! A very different view of my recent trip to the mountains of Graubunden! I particularly like the vineyards - great coloring!

2. E*phi 03/01/2012

Wow, these are stunning! My favorite is the last one, Switzerland. The colors are amazing!

3. Sandra Torguson 04/01/2012

Your sketchbook becomes richer with each addition!

4. Alex Tan 04/01/2012

Gorgeous drawings Martine =) I could tell you've been working very hard making art and that's wonderful.

5. Suzanne 05/01/2012

Oh, these are so wonderful. I got to visit that area several years ago, it is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.

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