Sketchbook Project 2012 - Partie 1 - Bretagne Sud (2) - Part 1 - South Brittany (2)


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1. Barbara B 27/12/2011

Again, Martine, your work is so lovely I particularly like the hydrangea and the pathway leading down to the sea.

2. Sandy in Michigan 27/12/2011

Martine, Amazing! Thanks for taking me on your trip through Brittany and your wonderful sketchbook.

3. Sandy in Michigan 27/12/2011

Martine, Thanks for taking me on a tour through Brittany. Your sketches are amazing!

4. Sandra Torguson 28/12/2011

It will be hard to part with such a complete and lovely journal. Each page is so rich.

5. Cathy Holtom 29/12/2011

You have been busy, now I feel guilty!
I love the beach painting of 'Kervilhen', it pulls you eye in along the line of buoys.

6. Alex Tan 30/12/2011

These pages are awesome Martine! =)

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