Sketchbook Project 2012 - Partie 1 - Bretagne Sud (1) - Part 1 - South Brittany (1)

Mon Thème: "Partez en voyage avec moi"

Cette année mon carnet vous fera voyager en Bretagne Sud, à Pontoise, en Suisse et à Paris, les lieux que je fréquentent le plus.

My Theme: "Travel with me"

This year, my sketchbook will take you to South Brittany, Pontoise, Switzerland and Paris, places I live in or regularly visit.


Commentaires (5)

1. Mary Martin 26/12/2011

Oh! I would love to see your sketchbook in person. These are just beautiful!!

2. Melliott 26/12/2011

Lovely! I particularly like the view of the lacy headdress on the lady.

3. Leona 26/12/2011

Boy am I envious! Very nice job on the lace!

4. Barbara Babin 27/12/2011

Lovely, beautiful colors. How nice to be nearly done!

5. Cathy Holtom 27/12/2011

These are wonderful sketches, the ones on the blue paper look like pastel!

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