Fin Du Sketchbook Project 2012 / The last post about the 2012 Sketchbook Project

Voivi les toutes premières pages, les toutes dernières et la couverture !

J'ai envoyé le Sketchbook et j'ai appris aujourd'hui qu'il est bien arrivé hier et qu'il est en place à la Brooklyn Library !!

Un grand MERCI pour votre soutien !


Here are the very first and very last pages and the cover !

I sent the Sketchbook and got an e-mail today to tell me it arrived yesterday and it is now at the Brooklyn Library !!

A huge THANK YOU for your visits and supportive comments !


Commentaires (5)

1. Sandy in Michigan 10/01/2012

What an inviting cover! I've enjoyed seeing each and every one of your sketchbook pages. Thanks for taking the time to share them.

2. ejmordasky 11/01/2012

looking to see the sketch books pages...

3. Barbara B 11/01/2012

What an inviting cover! I bet you are glad to be finished and it turned out to be such a great sketchbook, too.

4. Barbara Roth 11/01/2012

I am inspired by your finished sketchbook. I like your drawings and page composition very much. Please visit my blog sometime

5. Cathy Holtom 13/01/2012

I do like what you did with the cover!

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