Starting Sketchbook Project 20011

Plus j'attendais, moins je me sentais inspirée! Que faire de ce thème sans tomber dans le narcissisme aigü ???????????

J'ai demandé de l'aide et obtenu des suggestions sur EDM, et je me suis dit qu'il me fallait me jeter à l'eau. ce n'est pas une compétition.
Alors voilà, je me suis attaquée à la première page, la plus difficile à affronter, dans l'espoir que cela me libèrerait un peu.... (ce n'est pas sûr !!)

Rien de bien original, j'ai simplement mélangé les lettres de mon nom complet en espérant obtenir quelque chose d'agréable à regarder... Qu'en dites-vous ?????

J'espère que l'inspiration va venir .........

A bientôt!



The more I waited the less I was inspired... What could I do with this theme without becoming totally narcissistic ????????????

I asked for help and got some suggestions from EDMers, and then I thought I had to "take the plunge". After all, it's not a competition !

So, I started with the first page, the most difficult one to tackle, hoping I would feel "liberated" (... not sure !!)

Nothing original, I'm afraid, I just mixed all the letters of my full name, hoping to get something nice to look at... What do you think?????

I do hope inspiration will knock at my door - or rather my brain !!

Hope to read from you soon!




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1. nancy t. (site web) 03/09/2010

I totally know how you feel .... I haven't started mine yet, either. I like what you've done with this - it's clever and the calligraphy is very good. Now that you've begun, I think it will move along nicely!

2. Marie Plocharz 03/09/2010

Typography is tough and you are off to a great start! That is a very sexy M

3. Betty 04/09/2010

I am in the same boat, Martine! I plan to start mine this next week, and I hope I can just sail straight through! I LOVE your beginning! My theme is "facing forward." I look forward to following your progress!!!

4. Timaree (freebird) (site web) 04/09/2010

I think the letters look wonderful. What is your theme? I don't know what you plan for the rest and it seems you don't either. What about choosing some colors to use all the way through and putting some on this page? I didn't do the project for worrying I would draw a blank. If you have, I'm sure now that I would have too. At least you have a start.

5. Virginia Hanley (site web) 04/09/2010

C'est tres bien fait, Martine. On doit simplement continuer, non?

6. Sandra Torguson (site web) 04/09/2010

Yeah! The first page is done. What is the theme for your journal?

7. Cathy (site web) 04/09/2010

I actually jumped the very first page, it was too nerve racking. I will go back and do that and the cover at the end. I would love to be able to do lettering like that!
I don't think the whole book has to be your name, you could dedicate each sketch to someone and incorporate their name in it?

8. Alissa (site web) 04/09/2010

Great start Martine!!!

I am also very slow in starting. I have done three pages and need to make a decision on the way I am going to go with the rest. I know that once I get the right idea in my head, there will be no stopping me. I just keep reminding myself that is is just a sketchbook and has no rules - otherwise I get to caught up in it being perfect.

I am looking forward to seeing your next page!!!

9. Elizabeth Merriman (site web) 04/09/2010

I think it is great that you are willing to do this project... I felt overwhelmed at the thought... good for you!

10. E*phi (site web) 05/09/2010

I love your start! (I'm really into letters and typography ;D )
I really feel you here. I'm participating, too, and I'm afraid I let people/friends influence me too much about my topic. Turns out I don't like it too much (mine is "it will be fun, I swear") - just don't know what to do with it.
But I digress. As I said, your first spread is fabulous! Curious to see the rest! :)

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