Sketchbook Project 2011 - Pages 32 & 33

J'ai tentée de rendre une "atmosphère".
Désolée pour cette bande sombre au milieu mais le carnet devient épais et scanner une double page n'est pas évident !
Trying to render "atmosphere".
Sorry for the dark shadow along the middle of the photo but I'm coming to the end of the sketchbook and as it is really thick now, it's difficult to scan the centre of the spread !


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1. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 04/11/2010

You're right, dark and gloomy days do look mysterious! I will be sorry to see your sketchbook end because I've enjoyed watching it unfold.

2. Peggy Stermer-Cox (site web) 05/11/2010

Hi Martine, Wonderfully mysterious! I like the warm, reddish almost purplish grays that you've mixed in with the blue gray and green gray. I think it adds a little color zing and brings the atmosphere to life!

3. nancy t. (site web) 05/11/2010

Very moody and evocative - I like it very much! nancy

4. Cathy (site web) 05/11/2010

A lot of atmosphere here, I could imagine the Lock Ness Monster coming up out of the water!

5. Margie (site web) 05/11/2010

Hi Martine, Very nice job...Very clever idea to go thru the alphabet and to incorporate writing into it.
I just started mine and I find the paper hard to work with...

6. Alex Tan (site web) 06/11/2010

It's gloomy and mysterious, I am sure that's what you wanted it to be, and you definitely scored on that one

7. margaret (site web) 06/11/2010

Beautiful - a sense of mystery and something else!

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