Sketchbook Project 2011 - Pages 28 & 29

Qu'il est difficile de lâcher prise, de laisser l'eau régner en maître et se charger de couleurs !!
How difficult it is to "let go " and watch water do its own job with colours !!


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1. jill (site web) 01/11/2010

I love this style of painting, it looks really free, you could also draw some lines in ink if you like, I have done this before and it is quite effective. I may have to try this style again, I had forgotten about it.

2. delph (site web) 01/11/2010

Je trouve ça superbe! Belle explosion de couleurs, qui sait préserver la délicatesse et l'harmonie du sujet!

3. Dan Kent (site web) 02/11/2010

Colorful and exciting! Is there anything better than watching watercolors run? I don't think so. (Shows how I don't get out much.)

4. 03/11/2010

Lovely Martine and so beautifully colourful

5. Alex Tan (site web) 06/11/2010

Beautiful explosion of colors! Love it

6. margaret (site web) 06/11/2010

What a sucess this is!

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