Sketchbook Project 2011 - Pages 22 & 23

Des outils beaucoup plus rarement utilisés: les crayons aquarellables avec le minimum d'eau pour que le papier ne gondole pas trop ! Ici deux vues de Pontoise où j'habite.
I don't often use watercolour pencils, but I did this time to sketch two views of my hometown: Pontoise; I used very little water as I didn't want the paper to buckle.


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1. Alex Tan (site web) 29/10/2010

I am sure the perspective study paid off as it shows here =) I just think that these look really professional, and somehow you're able to retain your artistic touch which is great!

2. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 29/10/2010

Beautifully done, Martine. And this must be a terribly difficult subject. I'm truly impressed

3. travelingsuep (site web) 30/10/2010

Beautiful pages!

4. Shirley 30/10/2010

Gorgeous! I hope that I can get over to Brooklyn when they are available to see.

5. Cathy (site web) 30/10/2010

These are so well done, beautiful!

6. debra (site web) 31/10/2010

Beautiful Martine...whereabouta is Pontoise you're over halfway? going to do my middle page today

7. mathilde 31/10/2010

Bravo Martine, de belles perspectives! j'aime beaucoup le vieux Pontoise.

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