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Mon thème: "Your name here"


Je me suis fait une "fausse" carte d'identité (:oD) et  me suis lancée dans l'auto-portrait ! Je n'ai pas le talent de Raena !

Après deux essais où je me suis retrouvée avec le portrait d'une "inconnue" avec un gros nez, des yeux trop grands ou trop petits -et pas au même niveau- quelqu'un, au final, que mon époux ne reconnaissait même pas (très dangereux !!) j'ai pris pour modèle une photo de moi toute récente, de profil et avec des lunettes de soleil !  Cette petite aquarelle rentre tout juste dans le carnet Moleskine ! Ouf !!

My theme: "Your name here"

I changed a bit my real National Identity Card ( :oD )and tried myself at a self portrait...!
I wish I had Raena' talent !!!
After two attempts, looking at myself in a mirror and ending with a big nose, big (or too small ) eyes that weren't even level and the picture of "someone" my husband didn't even recognise (very dangerous!!) I finally opted for a very recent photo where I stand sideways and wear sunglasses to be used as a model for this small watercolour . It fits nicely in the provided Moleskine sketchbook !! Phewww!!!!!

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1. Timaree (freebird) (site web) 04/09/2010

You did quite a nice job here. I really like the depth you've attained with your shading. The far arm really looks farther away and the shading on the neck is great too giving lots of shape to your figure.

2. Donn (site web) 05/09/2010

Looks like you did a darn good job. I've tried doing a self portrait and gave up!

3. travelingsuep (site web) 05/09/2010

I think it looks a very good portrait.

4. debra (site web) 05/09/2010

Glad to see you've started Martine...good job so far...wish I lived en Paris! (always been my dream city)

5. 05/09/2010

P.S. it gets much easier after a few pages...then the new book syndrome goes away!

6. Janene Walkky (site web) 05/09/2010

This is delightful, Martine. You are off to a great start!

7. nancy t. (site web) 06/09/2010

You're going great guns with this! I like this portrait of you, as well as your story of it. lol nancy

8. Raena (site web) 06/09/2010

Oh my goodness, I was behind on emails and I see that you have given me this wonderful compliment! I have to say that coming from you, I am very flattered! I think your portrait turned out fantastic! And you should know that I have since done a portrait #11 and it was a total failure. They don't all go as planned! :D

9. donna noble 14/09/2010

These are a lovely set of journal pages. Self-portraits are very hard.

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