Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 7

Un autre "M" mais négatif, cette fois....... Une situation dont j'ai honte quand je me rends compte qu'elle me touche de près et que pourtant, je vis à côté et que j'ai même tendance à souvent l'oublier

Another "M" but negative this time.. A situation I feel ashamed of when I realize I live next to it and finally too often "forget" it ....


Commentaires (5)

1. Barbara (site web) 27/09/2010

A heartbreaking drawing, but well done and necessary.

2. nancy t. (site web) 27/09/2010

Oh, this is beautifully done and hurts my heart. nancy

3. Alex Tan (site web) 27/09/2010

What a strong and powerful message Martine, it's touched me deeply and I am sure it has the same effects on others as well.

4. Cathy (site web) 27/09/2010

Very well done Martine and very sad too.

5. Raena (site web) 09/10/2010

Have to agree...this is a really powerful image and so well done!

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