Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 6


Mon thème: "your name here".                         Je continue à jouer avec les lettres de mon nom en attendant une idée pour la page 5 !

My theme: "your name here.         I don't know what I'll do with page 5, but I wanted to go on playing with the letters of my name ...

(Uni pin Fine liner & Pitt pens)

Commentaires (5)

1. Alex Tan (site web) 05/09/2010

Awwwww what a lovely sketch Martine! I love it, it carries a lot of warmth and happiness =) It's just beautiful!

2. travelingsuep (site web) 06/09/2010

This is great. I love how different people interpret the themes. I'll check back for page 5

3. Cathy (site web) 06/09/2010

Great idea Martine, I think you're warming to the theme a little?

4. nancy t. (site web) 06/09/2010

Oh, another fine interpretation of your theme! I agree ... motherhood is a privilege and a miracle. nancy

5. donna noble 08/09/2010

What a lovely sketch and sentiment.

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