Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 5

Qu'y a-il derrière des initiales ??

What is behind initials ??

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1. Peggy Stermer-Cox (site web) 07/09/2010

Great drawing Martine, and funny too!

2. Cathy (site web) 08/09/2010

Very witty and great drawings.

3. nancy t. (site web) 08/09/2010

You are so very clever - this is funny and well drawn!

4. Janene Walkky (site web) 08/09/2010

Haha--this is cute!

5. Raena (site web) 08/09/2010

I like the cleverness of this one! Your parliament building is great for such a small sketch!

6. Alex Tan (site web) 09/09/2010

Hahahaha.. very cute! Love the illustrations =)

7. donna noble 15/09/2010

You've made me laugh!

8. Sherrie Roberts (site web) 20/11/2010

Hi! I was curious why MP_ Military Police?
Why am I Curious?- My son is MP. He is over there now.

I am in the Art House Project too!

Glad you are finished! Wonderful Pieces and memories.
I hope it is digitized.

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