Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 43

Le zoo est un endroit qui me met en général mal à l'aise . Certes cela permet aux jeunes générations de voir certains animaux qu'ils n'auraient jamais l'occasion de découvrir mais je "vois" tant de tristesse dans certains yeux....
A zoo is a place that often makes me feel uncomfortable. I know it gives the younger generations an opportunity to see species they might never encounter and yet, I "see" so much sadness in some eyes ......

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1. Sandy in Michigan 18/11/2010

How moving! This is a great sketch and I've enjoyed watching your journal grow over the last few months (?), weeks (?).

2. MaryO 19/11/2010

I love this! Your sketchbook pages have all been very interesting. I'd love to see them in person!

3. Shalini (site web) 19/11/2010

You have such a lovely thought.. How true

4. Sherie (site web) 19/11/2010

I feel the same way. But, I think some zoos are getting better at providing a more rewarding environment for the animals. Our small science center is an amazing place to visit that has "miniature" versions of animals. Instead of Llamas it has Alpacas. :) But, I do understand your sentiment. I love your sketch, it brings to life your sensitivity for the polar bear and all other animals, too.

5. nancy t. (site web) 19/11/2010

Oh yes, zoos make me very sad. There isn't a single creature in them that I don't feel bad for. Your drawing evokes those feelings in me, too. nancy

6. Leona Ellsworth (site web) 19/11/2010

How adorable but probably true!

7. Cathy (site web) 20/11/2010

This beautiful Martine and at the same time wistful and sad.

8. Natasha (site web) 20/11/2010

Lovely sketch Martine! I know exactly how you feel, I feel the same about Zoos in fact I was having a discussion this week about them. We only have Zoos really for our own benefit or the fact that our actions as humans have caused them to be there. I actually can't visit Zoos now for this very reason. This became strong in me after visiting Asia and seeing bears, cats and dogs in cages, which has made me repell the idea of caged animals. Thank you for your thought provoking image.

9. Sandra Torguson (site web) 20/11/2010

Love the drawing.

10. Raena (site web) 20/11/2010

Very well done and I so often have the same thought when I see animals at the zoo. They always look so bored!

11. Alex Tan (site web) 22/11/2010

Great work Martine! The expressiveness just works so well here. I love how it's so imaginative^^

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