Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 41

Fruits de saison; mieux vaut ne pas toujours se fier à leur apparence mais plutôt à la qualité de leur goût !
Fruit of the season; we shouldn't always trust their look but rather their taste !

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1. Shirley 16/11/2010

Great Pears! You are really working hard to finish that book - and I hope I can get to the Library to see it sometime.

2. Alex Tan (site web) 17/11/2010

I haven't had pears for years, and I surely love these that you've drawn. I didn't know they come in different shapes and sizes too =) Great work!

3. jenna (site web) 17/11/2010

Nice pears! I agree, so good, even when they don't look it. Some of the ugliest pears have been the tastiest.

4. Raena (site web) 18/11/2010

Lovely page! I love the composition!

5. Sherie (site web) 19/11/2010

Love your comp as well as the beautiful colors. So very nicely done.

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