Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 18

Envie de rire un peu au milieu de toutes ces personnes atteintes d'un nombrilisme aigü .. :OD

A bit fed up with self centered, self interested people, I decided to have fun ... :OD


Commentaires (5)

1. winna (site web) 15/10/2010

so well put---very creative sketch!!!

"They think they know what's best for all.... just before they take
the fall"....winna

2. 15/10/2010

That's funny

3. Raena (site web) 16/10/2010

Isn't this the truth!!

4. Alex Tan (site web) 16/10/2010

Very fun indeed! Good job Martine letting loose!

5. nancy t. (site web) 18/10/2010

Well, isn't this just right on!! Very clever and well done. nancy

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