Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 17

J'ai dit que je n'aimais pas l'Automne et cela reste vrai mais je ne résiste pas aux teintes de cuivre et d'or des arbres ...

I said I didn't like Autumn, and that's true but I can't resist the copper and golden colours of trees ...


Commentaires (7)

1. Virginia Hanley (site web) 14/10/2010

C'est charmant, Martine.

2. Cathy (site web) 15/10/2010

You might not like autumn, but you've done a very good job painting it|

3. winna (site web) 15/10/2010

I like the whole look here--certainly says Fall with the colors and the way the top is composed is really inviting..

4. nancy t. (site web) 16/10/2010

This is really lovely. Besides the beautiful fall colors, I love how you handled the background. nancy

5. Alex Tan (site web) 16/10/2010

Fabulous colors Martine! This is just perfect ^^

6. Sandra Torguson (site web) 16/10/2010

This is one of my favorites!

7. Raena (site web) 17/10/2010


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