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Je suis l'exception, (dans la famille du côté de mes parents) la seule à être née à Paris et non en Normandie, la "terre de mes ancêtres"  ...
I'm the only one (among my close relatives on my parents'side ) who was born in Paris and not in Normandy, my "ancestors' land" ...


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1. Peggy Stermer-Cox (site web) 08/10/2010

I LIKE the expression on your cow! Nicely done...and it's neat to know you're family is from Normandy. I think I would enjoy visiting the Normandy area one day.

2. Alex Tan (site web) 08/10/2010

Region of apple trees and cows huh? such interesting place and recognition ^^ Love that cow by the way!

3. Jill 08/10/2010

Delightful work! It brought back memories of the week we spent in Normandy - and those machines(?) you see by the road that make the cider.

4. Sandra Torguson (site web) 08/10/2010

A cow with an attitude! Nice.

5. nancy t. (site web) 08/10/2010

This is really a fun piece! I love cows - they're so placid and sweet. nancy

6. Revelle (site web) 08/10/2010

Love your cow! Do they get drunk on all the apples after they start to ferment? LOL!!!

7. Dan Kent (site web) 09/10/2010

That is one disgruntled cow! I love the texture and bleeding colors in the leaves and sky!

8. Raena (site web) 09/10/2010

Your productivity has been so high lately, and the quality has been fabulous too!

9. Rock Kyndl (site web) 30/10/2010

I live in Atlanta, the original base for The Sketchbook Project. When it comes through here, I'll be sure to look at your book in person. Very appealing.

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