Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 15

J'adore ces espaces ouverts à l'infini , déserts ou océans où l'esprit est libre d'errer jusqu'à
la limite de ....

I've always loved these open infinite spaces, deserts or oceans that let your mind wander to
the edge of ...


Commentaires (4)

1. nancy t. (site web) 06/10/2010

Vast, open, spaces really do let your mind wander to the edge of .... I know exactly what you mean. This painting expresses that perfectly. nancy

2. Peggy Stermer-Cox (site web) 07/10/2010

Hi Martine, I enjoyed looking at your blog and scrolling through some of your entries in your sketchbook. They are superb! The teapots are particularly fun. I found today's painting lovely and interesting. The format is unusual for a landscape and it works! The colors emphasize the sentiment! Wonderful.

3. Sandra Torguson (site web) 07/10/2010

The paintings and, today the quotes, are working to make a terrific journal!

4. Alex Tan (site web) 08/10/2010

BEAUTIFUL! And I mean both the drawing and the handwriting =) Your art has such class it's hard not to admire it

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