Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 13

Je lis un livre superbe: "Watercolour Textures" par une peintre extraordinaire: Ann Blockley.
J'adore ses aquarelles mais, pour les miennes le chemin est long et plein d'embuches !

I'm reading :"Watercolour Textures" a very interesting book by the inspiring painter: Ann Blockley.
I love her paintings but for mine the path towards satisfaction will be long and hazardous !!!


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1. Leona Ellsworth (site web) 05/10/2010

This looks like a cloud view from the airplane. Great job!

2. nancy t. (site web) 05/10/2010

Well, you certainly met your goal with this one.... the texture is just gorgeous, as are all the colors! nancy

3. Alex Tan (site web) 06/10/2010

Very interesting design and yes definitely nice texture! =) I could imagine it looking like those rocks by the beach

4. debra (site web) 06/10/2010

Beautiful Martine

5. Cathy (site web) 06/10/2010

I love the way watercolours are used in this way, sounds like a good book!

6. Raena (site web) 07/10/2010

The texture adds so much interest! Beautiful, Martine!

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