Sketchbook Project 2011 - Page 10

Je n'aime pas patauger dans les flaques en ville et m'abriter sous un parapluie , mais regarder la pluie tomber d'un ciel noir et menaçant sur le sable d'une plage ou les rochers peut être un spectacle superbe et impressionnant.

I don't like the rain, particularly when I have to walk and avoid puddles in town sheltered under an umbrella; but watching it fall from a dark ominous sky on the sand and rocks can be really beautiful and impressive.


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1. nancy t. (site web) 04/10/2010

I love how dark this one is. I agree - rain out in nature is so much more beautiful than rain in the city! nancy

2. 04/10/2010

Your sketchbook gets better & better Martine, this is my favourite so far, I love how you did the sky.

3. lyn (site web) 04/10/2010

Ilove this!

4. Sandra Torguson (site web) 04/10/2010

Very dramatic!

5. Alex Tan (site web) 05/10/2010

Nicely illustrated. I love rain, it's very romantic, and you did just that in this one ^^
I am sorry you're not a big fan.

6. 07/10/2010

Beautiful page! I love the rain!

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