photo Sketchbook Project 2011 - Last page

Et voilà ! Je suis bien contente d'avoir terminé les croquis avant le mois de Décembre qui promet d'être très chargé.
Mais maintenant il me faut songer à la couverture ! Un autre défi ...
Done ! I'm glad I managed to finish the sketches before December as it will be a very busy month.
But now I have to get on with the cover ! Another challenge ....

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1. alissa (site web) 20/11/2010

Congratulations Martine ! Fabulous final page of drawing and I like this one too. It has been a big project and I am sure that you have got as much joy out of doing it as we all have in watching each page emerge.

Looking forward to the cover, I have decided on mine. Hope to have it all posted this wee. I also would like ot have this completed before the very busy month of December.

2. Alex Tan (site web) 23/11/2010


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