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Rural Sketchers Projet RS52 - # 8 Ma main gauche /Rural Sketchers RS52 Project # 8 My left hand

Ma main gauche  - Avec des crayons Derwent en 25 minutes

My left hand. Done with Derwent pencils in 25 minutes.




Commentaires (3)

1. Alex Tan (site web) 22/02/2012

Beautifully drawn Martine =) I really like the color combination

2. Cathy Holtom (site web) 22/02/2012

A difficult subject sketched very well!

3. Trish Owen 22/02/2012

wonderful as usual Martine. Hands are most difficult and you have done a spendid job. It is always a pleasure seeing your work, thanks for sharing it with us

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