PRS52 # 24 une personne assise Ma Maman / A sitting person : My Mum and more ..

 Pas de chance pour la ressemblance ! Ma pauvre petite mère n'est pas sévère comme ça !

I'm hopeless when it comes to likeness, and my Mum isn' t as stern and stiff as she looks on this sketch , with the cast on her arm !!

img449.jpg Des adolescents venus de Russie croquent le Château de Chambord :

Some young Russian sketchers sketching Chambord Castle:


Et mon croquis d'un fragment du Château, ou comment se perdre entre toutes ces cheminées et ces fenêtres  !!  :o)

And my own sketch of a tiny piece of the castle, or how to get lost between all the chimneys and windows !!  :o)


aquarelle Croquis Journal PRS52

Commentaires (3)

1. Mary Martin 11/07/2012

Your sketches are always delightful! And you have a lovely Mum. I hope her arm heals soon.

2. Elsie Hickey Wilson 11/07/2012

Lovely colors that make this a quite, stately building!

3. Shirley (site web) 13/07/2012

What a terrific blog post - from your Mom to the Castle! Beautiful.

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