Randocroquis - Thème de Mai 2011 / May 2011 Challenge

Le chäteau d'Eilean Donan en Ecosse

Essai de croquis monochrome avec des  feutres Pitt Sanguine.
Pas vraiment convaincue par le résultat ....

Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland
Monochrome sketch with Pitt pens.
Not really convinced by the result ...


Commentaires (7)

1. Sandy in Michgian (site web) 15/05/2011

You've captured the values beautifully in this sketch.

2. Alex Tan (site web) 15/05/2011

Beautiful ink drawing Martine =)I love the color of the ink too!

3. Dale (site web) 16/05/2011

Oh I do like this. As already mentioned, the values are terrific and that is something that is so easy to forget in a monochrome landscape sketch.

This must be done with the Sanguine Pitt pens right? It looks too vibrant to be the Sepia colour which I find too dark for a true sepia.

4. Sandra Torguson (site web) 16/05/2011

You should be pleased! This is a terrific sketch.

5. meegan (site web) 17/05/2011

fabulous sketch - i feel like I've stepped back in time

6. nancy t. (site web) 27/05/2011

I think it's just lovely! nancy

7. Ann (site web) 28/05/2011

This is terrific!

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