Croquis rapides / Some quick sketches

Randocroquis - Thème de Février 2011

D'après des photos de Bruno Mollière, faites à la Réunion.
Bruno Mollière suggested sketching from some photos he took in the Reunion Island. ( Done for the Randocroquis February Challenge)

Commentaires (5)

1. Carole Moran (site web) 04/03/2011

Beautiful work. I love the pictures.

2. nancy t. (site web) 04/03/2011

These are both lovely, but I especially love the first one. It's just stunning! nancy

3. Cathy (site web) 05/03/2011

Love them both,but the second one is my favourite!

4. raena (site web) 07/03/2011

Wonderful! That top one is so interesting, with the silhouettes against the orange sky!

5. Ursula (site web) 10/03/2011

I love those silhouettes so much! I'm a fan of silhouettes in general, but I think this one is really powerful with the oranges and yellows behind them.

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