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Cedar Breaks National Monument (Utah)

Feutres fins et aquarelle pour ce croquis du Thème du mois d'avril. La photo a été proposée par Bruno Mollière, administrateur du groupe Randocroquis.

Ink and watercolour for this April Challenge sketch . The reference photo was suggested by Bruno Mollière who is the admin for the Randocroquis group.


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1. nancy t. (site web) 04/04/2011

Oh, I love this! The depth, the textures, and the colors are all just wonderful. Well done! nancy

2. mari brown (site web) 05/04/2011

The colours are beautiful and I like the ink sketching (black lines), very nicely done!!

3. Alex Tan (site web) 05/04/2011

Definitely shows a lot of depth here, the colors are superb! Great job Martine!

4. debra (site web) 05/04/2011

Beautiful work Martine!!

5. Pascale Steig (site web) 05/04/2011

Il n'y a pas d'autres mots : c'est superbe !

6. meegan (site web) 05/04/2011

it's fantastic - your rendering really captures the ruggedness and depth of the landscape.

7. Sasa (site web) 05/04/2011

Impressive scene! And the colors are lovely!

8. raena (site web) 05/04/2011

That had to be a difficult subject! I'm just back from a vacation with many photos very similar to this to sketch and put in my travel journal. I haven't done it yet because I hardly know how to begin something like this! You did a wonderful job!

9. Barbara B (site web) 05/04/2011

This is so lovely. I love the warm tones against the delicate black lines of the ink. You got so much depth and perspective!

10. Sandra Torguson (site web) 05/04/2011

What depth and color!

11. Jean-Charles Decoudun (site web) 06/04/2011


Votre aquarelle est splendide, les couleurs, le dessin, la légèreté...

Jean-Charles Decoudun

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