Vagues / Waves

Une autre aquarelle pour la Crêperie Maritime, d'après Denis Bauduin.(33 cm x 53 cm)

Another watercolour for the Crêperie Maritime, done from Denis Bauduin's book (13" x 21")



Commentaires (7)

1. Mary Martin 11/02/2012

Martine, this is incredible! I can almost feel the spray from those waves!

2. Jutta (site web) 11/02/2012

I love it - it's amazing!

3. Alex Tan (site web) 12/02/2012

This is absolutely gorgeous and very powerful too. Shows how much energy the wave delivers and the gulls are just dancing along. Appreciate your comment on my blog =)

4. Cathy Holtom (site web) 12/02/2012

This fantastic Martine!

5. Molly (site web) 12/02/2012

I love seascapes! Just beautiful. You've captured the life and movement of the ocean wonderfully!

6. nicky (site web) 14/02/2012

this is beautiful!! I love it.great work!

7. Barbara Babin (site web) 17/02/2012

Really gorgeous and dynamic!

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