Sur la route ... / On the road ... - Aquarelle / Watercolour

Merci à Jo-Car de m'avoir permis d'utiliser sa photo comme modèle. N 'hésitez pas à aller la voir, elle est superbe !
de même que d'autres du même photographe ici
Thank you so much to Jo-Car for allowing me to use his awesome photo.
Please go and look at it !
And if you want, you can see to see more of his photos here.



Commentaires (5)

1. Shirley (site web) 10/05/2011

Beautiful image masterfully painted!

2. Alex Tan (site web) 10/05/2011

What photo Martine? I thought this was the photo! :D This is amazing painting, I did go to the site and looked at the photo, the likeness is simply tremendous! Love the shading, love how you did the horse, he's beautiful! I just wonder how big the canvas is that you're working on.

3. Cathy Holtom (site web) 12/05/2011

There's so much atmosphere in this, beautifully done!

4. Sandra Torguson (site web) 13/05/2011

Stunning! The photographer must be pleased that you did such a nice piece.

5. Sue Brown (site web) 30/05/2011

Just lovely.

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