Soleil d'hiver à Gâvres / Winter sun in Gâvres

 Un soir de Décembre avec une lumière dorée.
Aquarelle pour la Crêperie Maritime
20 cm x 30 cm

On a  December evening, with a golden light.
Watercolour for the Crêperie Maritime
8" x 12"


Commentaires (9)

1. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 03/03/2012

Martine, I especially love the very bottom of your painting.
The darker value is lovely and balances out the rest of the work.

2. Pat Taylor-Craw (site web) 03/03/2012

Your choices of colors are wonderful. Beautifully done.

3. nancy (site web) 03/03/2012

This is so beautiful. I love the reflections in the water and the splendid colors in the sky. nancy

4. FaithDance 03/03/2012

Merveilleuse! J'aime aussi les couleurs!

5. Molly (site web) 04/03/2012

This is stunning. The colors are beautiful and you've done an amazing job of capturing tr light and reflections on the water.

6. Rebecca Stahr (site web) 04/03/2012

I love the atmosphere of this one. Beautiful.

7. Alex Tan (site web) 05/03/2012

again Martine, I thought this was a photograph :) Your art work never stop to amaze!

8. Cathy Holtom (site web) 05/03/2012

Lovely atmosphere, great work!

9. Barbara Babin (site web) 06/03/2012

Gorgeous colors and atmosphere!

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