Port Louis

  Vue sur Larmor Plage depuis la plage de la Citadelle de Port Louis (Morbihan)
Aquarelle - 15cm x 21cm
 Larmor Plage in the background seem from Port Louis Citadelle beach (South Brittany).
Watercolour - 6" x 8 1/2"



Commentaires (9)

1. Stew Crowther (site web) 22/03/2012

Beautiful watercolour.
<a href="http://stewcrowther.wordpress.com/">stewcrowther.wordpress.com</a>

2. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 22/03/2012

I love the composition on this one. You have that lovely little village in the background and then the close up detail on the right side so that it makes me feel like I'm right there in the picture.

3. Mary Martin 22/03/2012

Lovely, Martine! I especially admire your treatment of the water and that wonderful reflection.

4. nicky (site web) 23/03/2012

love your watercolor work!

5. Jennifer Edwards (site web) 24/03/2012

Simply lovely!

6. raena (site web) 24/03/2012

This is so good! I love the simplified houses and how they still read so well!

7. Rebecca Stahr (site web) 25/03/2012

Beatiful watercolor treatment. I love the composition.

8. Alex Tan (site web) 26/03/2012

This is just a gorgeous drawing Martine! It's very impressive

9. Cathy Holtom (site web) 26/03/2012

This place looks lovely..I want to go there!

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