Mon tout dernier tableau à l'acrylique / My latest acrylics painting

Un ami m'a demandé de lu faire un tableau à l'acrylique à partie d'une de ses photos.
A friend asked me to do an acrylics painting from one of his photos.


Commentaires (4)

1. Claude 02/08/2011

C'est magnifique....bien beau!


2. Dan Kent (site web) 03/08/2011

I saw the photo, scrolled up and down looking for the painting and - whoa! - what I thought was the photo was your painting! Beautiful work.

3. Sandy in Michsigan (site web) 03/08/2011

How beautiful! I love the delicate look of the trees and the reflections in the water.

4. Ann (site web) 05/08/2011

So beautiful and serene.

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