Mon dernier tableau à l'acrylique: Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor - CA - USA / My latest acrylics painting: Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor - CA - USA

Tous mes remerciements à Ursula Dorward Rodgers pour m'avoir permis d'utiliser sa photo comme modèle:
Pour l'exposition "Le Mai des Arts" qui se tiendra à Pontoise les 6, 7 et 8 Mai prochains, l'association" Peinture En Liberté" dont je fais partie, a choisi pour thème: " Les Phares"

I want to thank Ursula Dorward Rodgers for letting me use her photo as a reference for this painting:

"Lighthouses" is the "theme" chosen by my association for our next exhibition in May.

Commentaires (11)

1. Mary Martin 14/03/2011

Martine it's lovely! I enjoy your work very much!!!

2. 14/03/2011

It's like being on the Maine coast down east !

3. Ursula (site web) 14/03/2011

My goodness, Martine, it's beautiful!

I'm so pleased that your talent turned my photograph into this gorgeous painting!

4. Carole Moran (site web) 14/03/2011

Beautiful and well done. I especially like the foreground of the waves and beach.

5. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 15/03/2011

The light, color and waves are just beautiful in your painting. I especially like the little light in the lighthouse windows.

6. Alex Tan (site web) 15/03/2011

Gorgeous painting! I thought it was a photo at first... then I realized...oh, I am looking at Martine's page.... :)

7. Janene Walkky (site web) 15/03/2011

Great job, Martine. This will be a hit at the exhibition. The reflection on the wet sand and the foam are my favorite parts.

8. Ellen Burkett (site web) 15/03/2011

Very beautiful Martine! I love the colors, the calm, the serenity. Wonderful job!

9. Cathy (site web) 15/03/2011

Beautiful light reflections in the sea, well done Martine!

10. raena (site web) 15/03/2011

This is beautiful, Martine! You are really doing incredible artwork these days!

11. meegan (site web) 16/03/2011

i can hear the ocean as it comes to the shore. fab!

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