Mon aquarelle du jour : L' Etang / Today's watercolour : The Pond


Envie de combattre la morosité pluvieuse du moment en me concentrant sur l'or de l'automne ; mais les couleurs sont en réalité plus chaudes et plus riches que sur cette photo.
24cm x 32 cm -Sur papier Lana 300g - Aquarelles Winsor & Newton

Concentrating on the golden warmth of Autumn in order to forget the wet gloomy weather; but the colours are actually warmer and richer than they look on this photo.
9 3/8" x 12 1/2" - On Lana paper 140 lbs -
Winsor & Newton watercolours


Commentaires (11)

1. Vicki 03/11/2011

Lovely, such emotion in this piece.


2. Mary Martin 03/11/2011

This is lovely! I especially like the highlights on the water among the grasses in the foreground. Nice work!

3. Jane 03/11/2011

Love it! You got the light on the water. Your picture made me think of a quote I read very recently by artist Jerry Stitt, "A painting isn't good because it looks like something; it is good because it feels like something."

4. nancy t 04/11/2011

Oh my gosh, this is just gorgeous! I love the colors and the softness of it coupled with the clarity of the plants. Well done!!! nancy

5. Alex Tan 04/11/2011

Gorgeous drawing! Love the colors and I swear it looked like a photograph and I seriously couldn't tell if it was a drawing at first

6. deb 04/11/2011

Beautiful Martine!!

7. Cathy Holtom 04/11/2011

Martine this is beautiful and slightly mysterious too!

8. Caatje 04/11/2011

You make the kind of images I want to live in. Beautiful.

9. Clare 04/11/2011

So dreamy. Mother Nature at her finest.

10. Rebecca Stahr 05/11/2011

Gorgeous! I love the atmospheric feel the painting gives. The color is beautiful too!

11. raena 12/11/2011

Beautiful! Love the light reflecting in the water, and the mood! Wonderfully done!

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