Ma dernière aquarelle / My latest watercolour

Vent frais et l'océan à perte de vue ..
Chilly wind and an endless view on the ocean ...

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1. nancy t. (site web) 04/04/2011

I love the feeling of isolation and coolness in this piece. The sky is so beautiful, and the beach looks like it goes on for miles. nancy

2. Shirley 05/04/2011

This is beautiful - such a wonderful composition. Bravo!

3. Alex Tan (site web) 05/04/2011

Ahhhh.. I could totally feel it =) Nice one Martine!

4. Linda T (site web) 05/04/2011

I love this, especially how the woman's dress shows how it's windy, and the perfect shadows of the figures.

5. debra (site web) 05/04/2011

Lovely...and lovely to catch up on your work

6. Cathy (site web) 05/04/2011

I feel as if I could just jump into this painting, very atmospheric!

7. Sasa (site web) 05/04/2011

Lovely feeling of space!

8. Joan 05/04/2011

This reminds me of the endless shore when I visited Vancouver Island, BC Canada...Long Beach on the Pacific Rim. We were wind whipped, voices snatched away and cast out to sea. A lovely, isolated space at the edge of the world. You have captured it perfectly.

9. Barbara B (site web) 05/04/2011

What a lovely painting.

10. Janene Walkky (site web) 05/04/2011

I like the interaction between the figures, and the sky is wonderful too!

11. Ann (site web) 05/04/2011

This is beautiful. Reminds me of a beach we enjoy visiting.

12. raena (site web) 07/04/2011

Beautiful scene, Martine!

13. Sara Light-Waller (site web) 07/04/2011

Very pretty. :-D

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