Lumière du soir / Late afternoon

Aquarelle (30.4 x 45.5) sur papier Fabriano Artistico 3OOg.

Watercolour (12 x 18) on Fabriano Artistico 140 lbs paper.

Commentaires (8)

1. Ann (site web) 13/04/2011


2. Mary 13/04/2011

Gorgeous, Martine! I thought
it might be oils or acrylics, the colors are so vivid. Great job on the tree in the foreground, too...wonderful!

3. Barbara B (site web) 13/04/2011

Lovely, Martine. I especially like the golden color in the hills. Reminds me of California in the summertime.

4. mari brown (site web) 14/04/2011

Very lovely, beautiful light and I like the different stages of the view

5. Sandra Torguson (site web) 14/04/2011


6. Elaine Frenett (site web) 14/04/2011

Love the sculptural shape of the tree and the elegant background landscape that just flows you into the base of the tree. Nice design!

7. Cathy (site web) 14/04/2011

This is lovely Martine, you are going from strength to strength!

8. Sara Light-Waller (site web) 22/04/2011

Lovely painting Martine! it really captures the late afternoon light.

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