"Le Pirate" .. Pour mon petit-fils Antoine - "The Pirate" for my grandson Antoine

Après La Princesse pour Elisa (5ans), voici Le Pirate pour son petit frère Antoine (2 ans) .. La joie d'être grand-mère !
After The Princess" for my grand daughter Elisa (5years ols) , here is "The Pirate" for her little brother Antoine (aged 2)..
A grandmother's joy !


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1. Barbara B (site web) 31/12/2010

Oh, this is nice. He'll love it. I have a new grandson this year...indeed a grandmother's joy.

2. Alex Tan (site web) 31/12/2010

Oh this is just so adorable! I am sure they both love your art and your grandson will definitely appreciate this one(when he grows older and learn how to appreciate I guess)
:) Happy New Year Martine!

3. E*phi (site web) 31/12/2010

This is fantastic! It must have been so much fun painting this. :) He'll love it! And, hopefully, it inspires him to make his own soon! <3

4. Janene Walkky (site web) 31/12/2010

Martine, This is such a charming painting. It has so much to interest a child (or anyone) with the bright colors, the various creatures, and the tantalizing treasure! Your grandson will love this!

5. raena (site web) 31/12/2010

Oh my goodness! How fun is that! I would love to have had artwork in my room like this!

6. nancy t. (site web) 06/01/2011

This is just so charming and sweet. He will love it, and so will Elisa! nancy

7. Sandra Torguson (site web) 07/01/2011

This is a winner. You are a special grandma

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