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La Vague / The Wave

Tableau à l'acrylique pour l'exposition de Juin 2012 , à laquelle participera "Magenta", l'association de peintres amateurs dont je fais partie. Le thème retenu pour toutes les oeuvres était : "L'Energie"
55cm x 38cm

Acrylics painting.
In June 2012 the association I belong to ("Magenta": assocaiation of amateur painters) will take part in an exhibition and the theme is "Energy".
22" x 15"


Commentaires (10)

1. Jane (site web) 09/03/2012

I can hear the sea, and smell it, and taste the salt, when I look at this. Wonderful colours too.

2. Molly (site web) 09/03/2012

Gorgeous! So much energy!

3. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 09/03/2012

I echo the sentiments of the previous two commentors. You have certainly captured all the wild abandon of the waves.

4. nancy (site web) 09/03/2012

Molly said exactly what I was going to say! As soon as I saw this painting, the word "energy" came to mind. It's just beautiful. I love all the colors in the water! nancy

5. Sandra Torguson (site web) 09/03/2012

Such power!

6. Cathy Holtom (site web) 10/03/2012

A very strong painting in which you can feel the movement & almost hear the roar of the waves.

7. Jutta (site web) 10/03/2012

beautiful! I love it!

8. Alex Tan (site web) 12/03/2012

It looks amazing... and very powerful indeed! Reminds me of the 1-year anniversary of the tsunami disaster in Japan.

9. raena (site web) 14/03/2012

Oh my, this is beautiful and so skillfully done!

10. Nathalie (site web) 18/03/2012

Quelle belle énergie, j'ai le sentiment d'être dans un tourbillon ! Bravo Martine !

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