Dame-Jeanne / Demijohn (?)

Petite aquarelle (14 X 15 cm) sur papier Arches grain fin.
Small watercolour (about 5.5 "x 6") on Arches cold Press paper.

Commentaires (12)

1. clare (site web) 23/08/2011

Superb painting, It's So realistic.

2. Suzanne 23/08/2011

Beautiful colors and shapes!

3. Janene Walkky (site web) 23/08/2011

Just gorgeous, Martine! The play of colors on the glass and the reflected light is very well done.

4. 23/08/2011

This is just beautiful, Martine!

5. Connie Cohn (CoffeeWoman) 23/08/2011

Formidable! Si je le trouve a Flickr je le marquerai comme favori.

6. Shirley 24/08/2011

Love the surfaces and volume you created on the bottles.

7. Linda T (site web) 24/08/2011

Beautiful! If you turn it upside down you can check the symmetry of the bottles.

8. Sandra Torguson (site web) 24/08/2011

Oh, such beautiful depth. Very nice!

9. Melissa Elliott (site web) 24/08/2011

Gorgeous. The highlights are just amazing. You really have an eye.

10. Alex Tan (site web) 24/08/2011

Amazing work Martine! Absolutely love it, and the glass texture is just so realistic!

11. Rachael (site web) 24/08/2011

Love the colours you've captured in this, especially the front right.

12. 26/08/2011

you did such a beautiful job with the glass!

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