Bouquet de printemps / Spring flowers

Fatiguée de l'auto critique qui bloque toute tentative, je me suis jetée à l'eau avec ce bouquet que des amis m'ont offert hier soir.
Fed up with this inner critic that blocks all attempts, I decided to "jump right in" with this bunch of spring flowers some friends offered me last night !

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1. Dan Kent (site web) 10/04/2011

Congratulations for leaping in! It's full of life. I especially like the vase.

2. Mary M. 10/04/2011

Bye-bye inner critic, Martine is in charge now. This is lovely!

3. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 10/04/2011

How beautiful! The colors just sing "spring!"

4. Cathy (site web) 11/04/2011

That's the way to go Martine! Beautiful flowers.

5. Janene Walkky (site web) 11/04/2011

Well done, Martine. This is so cheerful and spring-like!

6. Sandra Torguson (site web) 11/04/2011

You are so talented, I surprised that the inner critic is shouting at you. Go back and look at your earlier pieces. Your growth is evident.

7. Barbara B (site web) 11/04/2011

It's beautiful, Martine. The flowers are wonderful, the texture of the leaves pops right out, and I love the soft background.

8. Elaine Frenett 11/04/2011

I agree, your work is lovely. But I totally agree, that that inner critic is ALWAYS with us. For me, it just depends how much I listen to him. Usually, I just go play in my journal and then, he and my 'playfulness' voice can't speak at the same time. Then, I win! Keep painting tho ... it will help.[i][/i]

9. Ann (site web) 12/04/2011

It's gorgeous!

10. debra (site web) 13/04/2011

Beautiful Martine, just keep on ignoring that inner critic

11. Alex Tan (site web) 13/04/2011

Yet another terrific work Martine! Lots of details, beautiful colors, and I absolutely love the contrasts.

12. marancat (site web) 13/04/2011

Lovely painting - and a wonderful background!

13. nancy t. (site web) 15/04/2011

You did a lovely job with this. The background is so soft and subtle, the flowers are colorful and crisp,and the vase really stands out. I think you should tell your inner critic to put a sock in it! lol nancy

14. raena (site web) 18/04/2011

Just leap in...great advice! Excellent work!

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