Aquarelle - Watercolour

Aquarelle réalisée d'après une carte postale. Une vue du Barrio Gotico de Barcelone.

Watercolour done from a postcard. A view of the Barrio Gotico in Barcelona.



Commentaires (8)

1. Pierre 28/08/2011

quelle lumière!!! magnifique

2. Melliott (site web) 29/08/2011

This is GORGEOUS! The suggestion of the stones is just right, and the shadows and highlights are masterful. Really impressive.

3. clare (site web) 29/08/2011

Beautiful shadows and light, a work of art!

4. Stacey-Ann (site web) 29/08/2011

I love the atmosphere of this piece. Well done!

5. meegan (site web) 30/08/2011

excellent, so much movement and light. there is a story being told here, no?

6. Cathy Holtom (site web) 30/08/2011

A masterpiece! Beautiful.

7. Ann (site web) 30/08/2011

Magically gorgeous!

8. Margaret (site web) 06/09/2011

Lovely work!

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