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Aquarelle et acrylique / Watercolour and Acrylics

Bambous / Bamboos

Aquarelle: 23cm x 50cm     /     Watercolour : 9" x 19"


En Brière  /  In Brière

Acrylique : 20cm x 60 cm      /      Acrylics : 8" x 24"


Acrylique aquarelle

Commentaires (9)

1. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 05/05/2012

What creative ways to portray your subjects! I love all the details and warm colors.

2. jenna (site web) 06/05/2012

wow! very nice.

3. Sharon (site web) 06/05/2012

These are wonderful! I love the composition on both, and both paintings are so peaceful and tranquil feeling. I'm glad I came to visit. :)

4. Sandra Torguson (site web) 06/05/2012

Both pieces are great, but I especially like the boats!

5. Linda T (site web) 06/05/2012

Beautiful colors and design with both! The boats look so peaceful.

6. Dan Kent (site web) 06/05/2012

I am so completely blown away by both of these pictures, especially the curve of boats - wow!

7. nancy t (site web) 07/05/2012

These are both so beautiful. I love the colors and the arrangement of the bamboo, and the river with the boats is so peaceful and tranquil. Wonderful job on each! nancy

8. Alex Tan (site web) 07/05/2012

These simply look amazing Martine! The colors are gorgeous and they both have wonderful depth =)

9. meegan (site web) 08/05/2012

The boat painting is beautiful. I really love the compositon, so different.

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