Aquarelle: Energie Spirituelle / Watercolour: Spiritual Energy

  Pour l'exposition de juin 2012 de l'association Magenta. Troisième et dernière réalisation sur le thème de l'Energie

Aquarelle: 30cm x 40cm

Forthe June exhibition with Magenta, the Association I belong to. Third and last piece with the theme: "Energy"

Watercolour: 12" x 16"


aquarelle Magenta

Commentaires (5)

1. nicky (site web) 03/05/2012

this is awesome and so meaningful.

2. nancy t (site web) 03/05/2012

What a wonderful interpretation of the subject - I love it! nancy

3. Anchesa Kyamara (site web) 04/05/2012

I love this drawing. Looking at it gave me a very moment. Thank you. I would love to see more of your beautiful art. AnKya

4. Cathy Holtom (site web) 05/05/2012

Calm as well as energy...lovely work!

5. Timaree (site web) 17/05/2012

Wow, these are gorgeous! I love how you handled the long format.

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