Aquarelle d'après photo / Watercolour from one of my photos

J'ai pris cette photo du Canal du Centre à Digoin, (Saône & Loire) pendant notre balade en Bourgogne et je viens de terminer cette aquarelle:

While in Burgundy I took a photo of the Canal du Centre in Digoin (Saône & Loire) and I've just finished this watercolour:

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1. betty 08/05/2011

this is truly sensational, Martine! The composition ROCKS, and I love the bits negative painting so much!!!

2. Maxine (site web) 08/05/2011

This is wonderful, you have such great talent! One day I hope to paint this good. Maxine

3. Shirley (site web) 09/05/2011

Absolutely gorgeous Martine!!

4. Margaret (site web) 09/05/2011

This is lovely - you have really conveyed the tranquility. I especially like that way you have painted the water.

5. Janene Walkky (site web) 09/05/2011

Beautifully done, Martine. This is such a serene scene with all of the soothing greens.

6. Sue Brown (site web) 09/05/2011

Beautifully done - what a tranquil scene.

7. Virginia Hanley 10/05/2011

soooooo green! Lovely

8. Cathy Holtom (site web) 10/05/2011

This really draws your eye in, lovely composition!

9. Ursula (site web) 10/05/2011

This is so well done -- all that green could have ended up blending together, but you did a wonderful job capturing all the different shades.

10. Barbara B (site web) 11/06/2011

Martine, this is gorgeous!

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