A Saint Cado (Morbihan) - In Saint Cado (Morbihan)

Lors de nos séjours en Morbihan nous  dégustons avec bonheur  des crêpes et galettes de sarrasin à la petite "Crêperie Maritime" de Locmiquélic et sa propriétaire m'a proposé d'exposer sur ses murs une quinzaine de tableaux, des marines , en Mars 2012.
Je me suis donc dit qu'il fallait me presser car je n'ai pour l'instant que trois ou quatre tableaux disponibles sur ce thème.
En voilà un nouveau.
Aquarelle  24cm x 32 cm

When in South Brittany we enjoy having "galettes de sarrasin" (typical breton buckwheat pancakes )and "crêpes" in the "Crêperie Maritime " in Locmiquélic , and the owner suggested I could put about 15 paintings on the walls around March 2012, with seascape as a theme...
 I thought I'd  better hurry as I only have three or four paintings at home with that theme for the moment!
So here's a new one.
Watercolour - 91/2"  x 121/2 "


Commentaires (4)

1. E J Mordasky 12/01/2012

Really like your work here---compliment of colors ..has a brilliant feel .I like the exhibit in the restraraut look. too--was crazy about the big guy sailer in boat---do you still have that one?

2. Mary Martin 12/01/2012

Love this one, Martine! Your paintings are going to look fantastic in that restaurant. I loved seeing the menus, not that I could translate all the dishes, but just enough to make my mouth water!

3. Barbara Roth 13/01/2012

Your painting is so nice. I love how the boat is painted with bright colors in the foreground and the trees and boats in the background are painted in such subtle colors that they seem distant. You have a good sense of perspective. Stop by my blog sometime www.barbararoth.blogspot.com

4. Cathy Holtom 15/01/2012

This is lovely Martine, I'd quite like it on my wall , never mind the restaurant! :)

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