A Gâvres (Morbihan) / In Gâvres (Southe Brittany)

 Toujours pour la Crêperie Maritime.
Herbes folles en bord de mer .
Aquarelle 24cm x 32 cm

Still for the Crêperie Maritime.
Wild grasses along the beach.
Watercolour 9 1/2 " x 12 1/2 "




Commentaires (7)

1. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 17/02/2012

Martine -- How beautiful! I love the start skeletons of weeds in wintertime, and these make a lovely pattern against the water.

2. Dan Kent (site web) 17/02/2012

The composition of the weeds is superb and love the view through - you suggest the water with minimal strokes and the clouds are wonderful.

3. Alex Tan (site web) 18/02/2012

Simply elegant and beautiful. Another masterpiece Martine!

4. jennifer edwards (site web) 19/02/2012

Tres Tres jolie!!

5. meegan (site web) 19/02/2012

i love the contrast and balance between the foreground and background.

6. Cathy Holtom (site web) 19/02/2012

Another beautiful watercolour Martine!

7. Ann (site web) 20/02/2012

This is gorgeous! I could look at this painting all day!

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