3 bouées encadrées / 3 buoys in a frame

Un ensemble destiné aux murs de  la Crêperie Maritime en Bretagne. 3 petites aquarelles (14cm x 14 cm)
This is intended to hang on the Crêperie Maritime walls in Brittany. 3 small watercolours ( 5.5" x 5.5")


Commentaires (8)

1. E J Mordasky 15/01/2012

these are smashing---I like the one of the right best for the darker light setting ...

2. Sandy in Michigan 15/01/2012

I like them all, but the one in the center absolutely pulls me into the painting!

3. Dan Kent 16/01/2012

Very beautiful - textural, yet colorful buoys, interesting and fun. The water flows..

4. Barbara Babin 16/01/2012

I love how the water plays around the buoys. These will be so delighful in the creperie.

5. delph 16/01/2012

De très beaux sujets, magnifiquement réalisés. Quelle belle décoration pour une crêperie!

6. Rebecca Stahr 16/01/2012

I love the lights and darks of the colors as well as the texture. Very interesting and well done.

7. debra 17/01/2012

Lovely work Martine

8. Sandra Torguson 21/01/2012

A very nice composition. The shadow really gives the broken water look on the first piece.

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