Un après-midi au bord de l'Oise / Sunny afternoon on the Oise banks

Aquarelle sur le vif !
Après-midi bien agréable au bord de l'eau avec des collègues peintres amateurs qui fréquentent le même atelier que moi et qui voulaient tâter de l'aquarelle. (ils peignent à l'huile, d'habitude)

Watercolour on location !
Pleasant afternoon near the river with some amateur painters that belong to the same workshop as I do  and wanted to give watercolour a try (they usually use oil)


Commentaires (8)

1. Rebecca Stahr (site web) 19/04/2011

Beautiful :)

2. Barbara B (site web) 19/04/2011

You've gotten some lovely effects of light and shade, especially in the trees on the far bank.

3. Sandy in Michigan (site web) 19/04/2011

Beautifully done! Your scene looks so idyllic. Wish I were there!

4. Carole Moran (site web) 19/04/2011

Very well done. The woods on the opposite side of the river are especially attractive IMO. Considerable visual interest overall.

5. nancy t. (site web) 20/04/2011

What a lovely little study! I'm with Sandy - I'd love to be there, too. nancy

6. Sandra Torguson (site web) 20/04/2011

You have really found calling. Your watercolors are stronger each time we see a piece.

7. Cathy Holtom (site web) 20/04/2011

Excellent work, I feel like I'm stting next to the river too!

8. Shalini (site web) 21/04/2011


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