Le Phare de Pontusval (29) / Pontusval Lighthouse (Brittany)

Premier essai d'aquarelle sur grand format (Enorme pour moi!): 46 x 61 cm !!)
Il resterait beaucoup à corriger mais, là j'abandonne car j'ai déjà beaucoup trop retouché ce tableau et quelles que soient les erreurs, elles resteront là, faisant partie intégrante de mon travail ! :o)

My first try at what I consider a very big size watercolour (huge for me !): 18 x 24 " !!!
Still a lot of things shoud be improved but I give up, I've already "overdone" it, I think and whatever the mistakes, they will remain as they are, as part of my work! :o)


Commentaires (10)

1. Shirley 16/02/2011

Wonderful restricted palette really adds to the emotions created.

2. Ursula (site web) 16/02/2011

Very nice. I especially like the color on the front of the lighthouse giving the feeling of light on it.

3. Sarah (site web) 16/02/2011

This is so beautiful! I feel like I'm there with the wind on my face.

4. Alex Tan (site web) 17/02/2011

Fantastic painting Martine! I love the gloom in it, with the little shine of the lighthouse, as well as the house next to it. It's a beautiful contrast

5. Sue Brown (site web) 17/02/2011

Very atmospheric - beautifully done.

6. nancy t. (site web) 17/02/2011

Oh Martine, I love this and see no mistakes in it. The softness of the light and the limited palette work beautifully to evoke a feeling of calm and serenity. nancy

7. Janene Walkky (site web) 17/02/2011

I like the quiet feeling of dusk in this too. I think you have done well. I always feel my drawings and paintings are not quite what I wish them to be but I do learn with each one. It's good to know when to stop! I don't see any mistakes in this either.

8. Cathy (site web) 17/02/2011

You can feel the atmosphere in this!

9. raena (site web) 18/02/2011


10. BarbaraB (site web) 19/02/2011

I love the range of greys and the light coming from the light house.

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