Nouveau départ / New start

Me voici prête à offrir un nouveau départ à ce blog délaissé depuis de nombreux mois!

Intégré à mon site je pense que ce sera le meilleur moyen pour "centraliser" les visites et commentaires.
Amis amateurs d'Art, j'espère vous retrouver bientôt comme membres et vous invite à vous inscrire dès maintenant ! A très bientôt avec de nouvelles images!



Here I am ready to give this blog a new start after so many months of oblivion!

Integrated in my website, I think it will be the best way to regroup visits and comments.
Fellow Art lovers, I hope I'll see you here as "Members" and wish you would sign up right away !

See you very soon with new posts !


Commentaires (3)

1. Krista Meister (site web) 31/08/2010

Martine, I did the same thing - moving my blog since my website had a blog feature. I have faith that your readership will transfer over here too. I'm bookmarking you in my Reader and will be sure to come back!

2. Alex Tan (site web) 01/09/2010

It's always good to stick to one blog, which I also realized earlier this year. But I am a bit confused with this one as all of the interface is in french, and I don't know how to follow your blog here :(

3. donna noble 01/09/2010

I am looking forward to the new blog!

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